As part of my research, I use photogrammetry to derive 3D models of geologic features of interest. I also generate models for teaching purposes.

Below is a sample of my collection.

Fissure 8 Cinder Cone - Kilauea 2018 Eruption


This model was created using USGS drone footage of the cinder cone created at Fissure 8 during the 2018 eruption of Kilauea. Original footage can be found here: 



Pahoehoe lava - Myvatn, Iceland


An example of ropy pahoehoe morphology at the basaltic lava field in Myvatn, Iceland. 


Pahoehoe lava - Syracuse Lava Project


An inflated toe of a basaltic lava flow generated at the Syracuse Lava Project - experiment 160504-2. 


Bivalve - Cucullaea raea


3D model of the exterior of Cucullaea raea, an Eocene bivalve from Antarctica. Sample provided by Emily Judd (Syracuse University).