October 2017

Discussing Earthquakes on The Orange Stem podcast (http://dailyorange.com/tags/orange-stem)

"This week Stephen Shepherd and his guest, James Farrell, a graduate student studying earth sciences at Syracuse University, discuss recent earthquakes, the probability and history of upstate New York earthquakes, how the media and public like to discuss natural disasters and climate change and other basic earth science principles."


May 2018

Live interview with Bridge Street about Syracuse lava and the 2018 Kilauea eruption. Original can be found here: 


"James Farrell PHD student explains what the Syracuse Lava Project is and what it does"

May 2018

Local news clip featuring myself and my EAR 105 students while we conduct a lava experiment. Original can be found here:


"...He’s referring to the world's first lava flow laboratory-- a one-of-a-kind furnace at Syracuse University. This furnace brings lava to a place that you wouldn't otherwise see it..."

May 2018

Local news clip featuring my colleague (Chris Sant) and my students from EAR 105 during a live lava demonstration. Original can be found here:


"The Kilauea volcanic eruption has been heating up interest around the globe. But, you don't need to travel to Hawaii to learn about lava flows-- just talk to the scientists at SU."

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